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Hidrooz founders started to manufacture mobile cranes on the vehicles in 2010 and have undertaken important duties in the leading companies in crane manufacturing since 1995. Hidro Öz has started its production activities in 2010 in line with its quality and service understanding with its 16 years of knowledge and experience in the sector. Hidro ÖZ's first aim is to become a brand in the sector; to create environments where customers can respond to their future expectations, and to ensure trust-based continuity in the customer's profile.

To create a company culture that continues to be customer-focused and continues to develop with a high degree of responsiveness to all process responsibilities ranging from production to installation, after-sales service to customer relations, and blending with leading, constantly developing, quality products and services in the field. Hidrooz is the company that we have adopted as a company to be a company that can be a sector leader and to acquire a permanent place in the market by producing products in accordance with international quality standards.

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